Solution Selling Tools

SST  #3What is it? Consultative selling and value assessment tools to make it easier for salespeople to deliver expert advice in consultative selling situations such as value assessments, economic trade off analyses, and cost justification models.  These tablet based tools make it easier for your sales people to execute solution selling , develop business cases and  scenarios directly with clients, and ensure consistent execution of your sales model regardless of skill and training.

Why it makes sense:   Sales organizations are struggling to execute solution selling and adapt to rapidly changing buyer expectations for insights, fast access to information, and a rich interactive experience.   Almost two thirds of B2B purchasing decision-making is independently completed by the customer before the first sales call.  So increasingly sophisticated and time starved buyers view anyone who does not offer insights, ideas or a distinctive buying experience as a commodity or a waste of time

Our team can help you define, configure and deploy a best of breed solution selling tool in a matter of weeks by:

1. Structuring customer conversations to generate a better profile of customer needs and identify top cross sell priorities

2. Creating logic models that quantify the business value of your solution and support the business case relevant advice, case studies and solutions that address the top identified customer needs

3. Configure tablet based tools that make the entire process simple, intuitive, visually appealing, collaborative, and trackable.

Learn more:   To learn about best-of-breed solutions, best practices in your industry, case examples relevant to your unique use case, and a demonstration, contact us at or call 203-227-6020