Content Effectiveness Workshops

a CMO-Boot-Camp-Big-SquareWhat is it? Our Brand Publishing CMO Boot Camp workshops help cross functional sales, marketing, sales, product and agency teams teams find opportunities to drive growth and reduce the cost adn complexity of their content operations by reengineering, reorganizing, and systematizing their content supply chain.

Why it makes sense:  Sales and marketing content – videos, papers, collateral, articles, case studies, blogs and training resources – has become a large and increasingly strategic part of the sales and marketing mix.  Selling content has emerged as a top business issue because represents one quarter of your sales and marketing spend that a) is more than half wasted, and b) determines the effectiveness of the rest of the sales and marketing mix – including sales training, marketing automation, sales productivity, sales enablement,  and social media.

Our 45-Day Brand Publishing Transformation Process

Transformation Process

Our 45-Day Brand Publishing Transformation Programs are designed to help CMOs lead and accelerate the transformation of their marketing operations from a traditional model to a publishing model. Our proprietary process delivers an integrated set of executive education, engagement and enablement tools to help organizations quickly move from understanding, to consensus to transformation as quickly and efficiently as possible.  After 45-days, your content operations leadership and the key stakeholders who support the publishing process will:

  1. Understand what best-in-class Brand Publishing “looks like”
  2. Know where your organization stands against best-in-class Brand Publishers
  3. Agree on the biggest opportunities to improve performance at your company
  4. Define clearer processes, roles, teams and goals of an enterprise publishing process
  5. Create a roadmap and six-month action plan to put in place the systems, structures, incentives, skills, and processes to execute a brand publishing model

Learn more – download a brochure for our 45-day sprint to accelerate the development of a world class content operations team, process and center of excellence.